Thursday, 24 April 2014


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Sweater - Mango
Jeans - Zara
Bag - Zara

Simple outfit from couple weeks back, now back to the interesting world of Napoleon!

//Parin viikon takainen asu, tosi simppeli, mutta nyt "lukulomalla" ei oikeen jaksakkaan panostaa.. Nyt takaisin Napoleonin pariin, juhuu!

Monday, 21 April 2014


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Dress - Forever 21
Parka - Zara
Hat - H&M

Summer is coming! :)


Friday, 18 April 2014

Revision Tips From An Expert:

1. Sleep enough. 

2. Eat enough.
                                                                                      2.2 The above does not refer to Big Macs.
                                                                                      2.3 Or to Sains' heavenly chocolate chip cookies
                                                                                      2.3.2. Even though they are only 1,4£!!!

3. Coffee. nuf said.

4. Have a break. 

5. Have a nap. 

6. Panic.

7. Repeat 4 & 5 until you reach 6 and break 2.3, then go back to 4.

 8. MOST importantly whatever you do DO NOT begin reading an incredibly addictive book
  series just because you thought you could handle it whilst revising. YOU CAN'T. It can and WILL take over your life. Trust me. Furthermore, do not make the mistake of telling your friend, who is also supposed to be revising, about the said series as you'll end up ruining her studying as well. Oopsie. Sori Hanna!

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 photo 92937666-59ba-4174-b638-5ee364f817da.jpg

In short: I started reading the Divergent -series and lost the control over my life. But If you, unlike me, happen to be free as a bird at the moment (lucky son of a bit...) and looking for a good read I would definitely recommend checking these books out. They also just released a movie of the first book, that was good enough for me to go see it twice, and almost not entirely because of Mr. Pamuk. Almost. hahaha.

The soundtrack is also really really good:

//Ja vaikka viimeksi uhkailin alkavani kirjoittamaan Suomeksi niin tällä kertaa en kyllä jaksa kääntää, tai no jaksa ja jaksa, oikea syy on tuo viimeinen kirja joka tällä hetkellä haluaa täyden huomioni!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014


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 photo 11076fab-b814-4725-a6fa-dfe5856e7682.jpg
 photo a28f8df8-7d10-4c55-9a73-57e52a77dbc9.jpg

Dress and Coat - Zara
Bag - 3.1 Philip Lim
Hat - H&M

Me and my friend Hanna had a little photoshoot yesterday and this is what I wore. The hat and the bag in action! The weather is slowly but surely starting to get more dress and skirt appropriate, which I'm taking full advantage of, ABOUT BLOODY TIME! haha!

//Tästä lähin kirjoittelen myös suomeksi kun rakasta äidinkieltä tulee harvemmin täällä harjoitettua, ja kun kaikki minut hyvin tuntevat tietävät ettei se äikkä ollut koulussa koskaan bravuureitani hahaha! Kuitenkin tässä eilisen 'fotoshuutin' saldoa, ihanaa kun pikkuhiljaa alkaa säät lämpenemään täälläkin ja pääsee ulkoiluttamaan myös mekkoja ja hameita!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

It's Alive!

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Bought some shoes and a hat last week

Now that i'm supposed to be revising for my finals what better time to start posting random stuff here again! 


Saturday, 15 March 2014


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 photo 3197a0e0-4e73-436b-a522-35e6bcd88b73.jpg

Sweater - Mango
Bag, Jeans, Jacket - Zara

I'm back in Edinburgh, and finally found the time to blog! Well technically I don't have the time since I'm up to to my eyeballs in school work, but that is what you get when you decide to travel for a month mid semester.. hahah! 


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bag Obsessing

 photo 86819ada-7e75-4540-90c7-6bb9d8dd6e4b.jpg

Small bag - Zara
Big bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim

Let me present you my two new babies. Mama is very happy tehe ;)
It's been a bit quiet here lately and it will probably stay a bit quiet for a few weeks now since I'm incredibly and frustratingly busy (not just because of school stuff but I'm doing a bit of travelling over the next couple of weeks too). But I'll try my best to post at least a couple of times.